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    Newspaper and Website Articles

    Connecticut Valley Conservation Partnership Protects Mt. Tom
    The former Mt. Tom Ski Area has been protected thanks to a partnership including the Mass. DEM, the Conte Refuge (USFWS), The Trustees of Reservations (TTOR), and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Holyoke.
    The Trustees of Reservations Website/2 August 2002

    A higher calling 137 kb
    In 2001, as the press of development intensifies, preservationists will need to redouble their struggle to save the Mt. Tom and Mt. Holyoke ranges.
    Tom Vannah/Valley Advocate/28 December 2000

    Mount Holyoke fight ends in state takeover 101 kb
    Environmentalists are delighted by the state action and by the generosity of the Amherst woman who donated an undisclosed amount of money to the state of the purchase price.
    Diane Lederman/Union News/December 2000

    Hadley ok's mountain land-taking 76 kb
    The Mount Holyoke tract had been targeted for development, but that was forestalled by widespread protest and an Amherst woman's gift to the state.
    Diane Lederman/Union News/21 December 2000

    DEM to try to buy land on range 104 kb
    Amherst woman predges funds; developer vows project will continue.
    Kay J. Moran/Daily Hampshire Gazette/16 December 2000

    Crisis and opportunity for scenic preservation 96 kb
    It's nice to be recognized; it's too bad it's for being under threat.
    Elisa Campbell/Amherst Bulletin/December 2000

    New range development plan filed 65 kb
    Developer Ronald Bercume has reworked his plans to build on the Mount Holyoke range, reducing the size of the proposed luxury subdivision from 40 homes to 12.
    Coral Davenport/Daily Hampshire Gazette/7 December 2000

    Ranges' last-chance status could boost preservation 100 kb
    It's a part of human nature to take for granted something that we see every day, no matter how eye-catching it may have been at first glance.
    Editorial/Union News/28 November 2000

    Mount Holyoke, Tom ranges get nod 42 kb
    A national conservation organization named the Mount Holyoke and Mount Tom ranges as one of the 10 "last-chance landscapes" nationwide.
    Cheryl B. Wilson/Daily Hampshire Gazette/21 November 2000

    Massachusetts mountains threatened with over-development 69 kb
    In the long run, to protect Mt. Holyoke, other mountains in Massachusetts, and all publicly owned lands, we'll need better planning and more open space protections.
    Massachusetts Sierran/Fall 2000

    State attorney general approves contested zoning bylaw 60 kb
    The approved bylaw prevents building on scenic mountaintops in the future. Bercume's proposed project predated the bylaw and is not affected.
    Coral Davenport/Daily Hampshire Gazette/3 August 2000

    Preservation key at Hadley Town Meeting 132 kb
    In what suggests a new concern among residents for preservation, voters at Thursday's annual Town Meeting approved several measures to protect open space and historic buildings...
    Coral Davenport/Daily Hampshire Gazette/5 May 2000

    Bercume files new range plan 72 kb
    Developer Ronald Bercume has submitted new, more detailed plans for his proposed residential subdivision....
    Coral Davenport/Daily Hampshire Gazette/2 May 2000

    Bercume proposal called 'wake-up' call 100 kb
    Kay Moran/Daily Hampshire Gazette/8 April 2000

    The Changing Faces of Hadley 136 kb
    3 articles from the Hopkins Academy's school paper (Hadley's High School):
    Save the Mountain group combats housing proposal, Greer Southworth-Purdy
    Hadley fights homes on range, Rob Massey
    Lack of support for proposal shown through student survey, Kristen Rae Woolley

    Hawk's Claw/April 2000

    The storm that hangs over the Town of Hadley 80 kb
    Paul Schneider/The Boston Globe/18 March 2000

    Our Opinion: Development In Hadley 96 kb
    UMass Collegian/28 February 2000

    Students fighting homes on range 125kb
    The plan to transform a swath of trees and rocks into a neighborhood ...has created a furor, with young people being some of the most angered...
    Jacqueline Walsh/Union News/28 February 2000

    Residents protest planned development atop scenic mountain 108 kb
    AP/The Greenfield Recorder/17 February 2000

    Hadley session on mountain development draws hundreds 106 kb
    More than 400 people filled the Hopkins Academy cafeteria Tuesday night to protest plans...
    Coral Davenport/Daily Hampshire Gazette/16 February 2000

    A slippery slope 191 kb
    A controversial decision to sell a piece of Mt. Holyoke splits Hadley along familiar -- and familial -- lines.
    Stephanie Kraft/Valley Advocate/16 December 1999

    Plan foes, developer, await Feb. hearing 795kb
    Save the Mountain works on strategy
    Article discusses the general plans of Save the Mountain, with comments from Shel Horowitz and Ronald Bercume.

    Coral M. Davenport/Daily Hampshire Gazette/Date unknown

    Hadley officials dismiss '92 ruling 217kb
    Article discusses the reversal of the 1992 ruling that the land on Mt. Holyoke was unbuildable.
    Coral M. Davenport/Daily Hampshire Gazette/Date unknown

    Development eyed near Summit House 220kb
    Initial article that broke the news about the potential development of luxury homes reaching the top of the range.
    Coral M. Davenport/Daily Hampshire Gazette/5 November 1999

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    Letters to the Editor

    Holyoke Range 'unique, beloved, irreplaceable' 86.7kb
    Peter Farley
    I was deeply saddened by the report in the Nov. 5 Gazette that Ron Bercume has decided to build dozens of "luxury homes" on 106 acres of the Holyoke Range...
    Daily Hampshire Gazette/After Nov. 5th

    Development would mar valuable natural area 48.5kb
    Yvonne Shipman LaBarge
    I am writing in response to the article on the proposed development near the Summit House...
    Weekend Daily Hampshire Gazette/Nov. 13-14, 1999

    How about adding land to Skinner State Park? 51.2kb
    Connie LaSalle
    In a remarkable case of perfect timing, the Gazette published an aerial view of the Valley on Nov. 22, just two weeks after the news of the proposed development on Mount Holyoke...
    Daily Hampshire Gazette/After Nov. 22

    Houses on Mountain not foregone conclusion 105kb
    Chris and Susan Dixon
    We were heartened by the letter by Jeffery Lacy (Dec. 20) noting movement toward an official review of the state Zoning Act and Subdivision Control Law...
    Daily Hampshire Gazette/Dec. 24, 1999

    A Mountain of Opposition 113kb
    Shel Horowitz
    Thank you for Stephanie Kraft's article alerting your readers to the ugly prospect of 40 to 60 new homes on the north slope of the Mount Holyoke Range ("A Slippery Slope," Dec. 16)...
    Valley Advocate/Dec. 24, 1999

    More reader comment on proposed houses 31.3kb
    Greg White
    Ron Bercume is making a terrible decision to build 40-60 houses on the slopes of Mount Holyoke Range...
    Daily Hampshire Gazette/Date unknown

    April Fool's joke? 28.3kb
    Paul Yandoli
    I can express nothing but anger and incredulity in reading of the plan to build 40 or more luxury homes up the side of the Holyoke Range...
    Daily Hampshire Gazette/Date unknown

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