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View of  Mt. Holyoke Range, where construction would have happened.  Photo by Chris Dixon. 

See the factsheet for general information about Save the Mountain
Q: Where is the site of the proposed development? See photos
A: On the northern slope of Mount Holyoke in Hadley, Massachusetts, directly adjacent to the Skinner State Park and Mount Holyoke proper, with its historic Summit House.
    Driving south from Route 9 on Route 47, you can see the site to the west of the water tower visible on the range as you near Chmura Road. The water tank and proposed site (just to the right of the tank) can also be plainly seen from the Coolidge Bridge, which spans the Connecticut River between Hadley and Northampton.

Q: Why should this land be protected?
A: Both the Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge and The Nature Conservancy recognize the Mount Holyoke Range as a special and important target for conservation in New England. More than 30 rare species are found in the region.
    The Mt. Holyoke Range constitutes one of the largest remaining unfragmented forests in Massachusetts (over 8,000 acres, including Mount Tom). This forest protects water quality of streams that feed the Connecticut River nearby. It is also a landmark used by thousands of migrating birds in the fall, including several federally-listed species.

Q: Some people think this project is a "done deal". How will you stop it?
A: It is NOT a done deal! Already, we have put enough pressure on the developer that he has not yet closed on the land two months after the original date for the sale. We are pursuing over 20 different strategies, several of which have a good chance of not only stopping this project in its tracks, but of protecting nearby land against similar projects in the future.

Q: What about owners' right to realize the most profit from the sale of their land?
A: Save the Mountain recognizes that many people are not in a financial position to donate land for conservation. We want people to know that there are financially viable alternatives to selling land to developers.
    State, federal and private agencies have funds to purchase environmentally significant land and we can bring owners together with such agencies.

Q: Is 'Save The Mountain' anti-development?
A: No, STM is only against this development. Responsible development is part of what keeps this area fresh and vital.
    We do not believe that putting houses on the slopes of the most beautiful and prominent natural feature of our valley, the Mt. Holyoke Range, is responsible development by any stretch of the definition!

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